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On the Wings of a Dragon
New York - April 12, 2010 - Al Podell, co-author of "Who Needs a Road: The Story of the Longest and Last Motor Journey Around the World" will deliver a presentation and slide show at the 2010 Coal Mine Cruiser Classic detailing his 42,500-mile motor trip around the world.
In 1965-6, Podell, along with Harold Stephens, set the world's record for the longest non-repetitive miles motor trip around the globe. Primarily in a brand new, stock Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40, these two intrepid travelers drove through 37 countries, a feat that would likely be impossible today. Imagine circumnavigating the world overland, driving through places like North Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. Not only was Podell's trip the longest, but it was also the last motor expedition around the world!
Apologia pro opu suo: Since I send these reports to about 220 friends, many with diverse interests -- history, geography, politics, culture, cooking, travel, adventure -- I try to include something for almost everyone. But this does make them long. Perhaps too long. Since you may not have the time, the attention span, or the interest in all these subjects, I suggest you just scan the topic sentence, which is usually at the start of each paragraph and, if not your cup of cola, just skip ahead to the next one.

I'll never know...

Part 1The Best Laid Plans
Part 2Prep School
Part 3Two Tails of the South Pacific
Part 4The Guano Hits the Engine
Part 5Beijing Duck
Part 6In the Land of the Great Leader
Part 7In The Steppes of Genghis Khan
Part 8Intimations of Immortality, Immorality, and Im-morale-ity
Part 9On the Road to Mandalay
Part 10In the Land of the Thunder Dragon
AfterthoughtsOn the Whims of the Dragoons
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